Thursday, January 06, 2005

Why Didn't Anyone Tell Me It Was Frickin' Cold In Montreal?

Alright. People did tell me. A lot. I just forgot what a delicate flower I am. I feel like I need a greenhouse. My hands are so cold I have to jam them in Griffin's hairy little armpits to warm up. How undignified. For both of us. I'm trying to look at the upside of the snow though, there is still a novelty to it that will probably only last until my skin dries up and peels off in strips. The Plateau does look pretty darn fabulous covered in snow, and I love the way it crunches and squeaks under my boots. Also, I' d forgotten how much cheerier and brighter the streets are at night with a fresh snowfall reflecting the light. Puts me in the mood for romance. Oh la la. And dear god, speaking of, this is definately where they keep the hot men. Zut alors!

I'm reasonably settled in at Jay's, meaning I've got beer. Which is cheap and you can buy at the grocery store. The grocery store is called the Metro, which is confusing. Also, most of the produce is prewrapped like at the T&T market , they don't have short grain rice for sushi, and the rice vinegar is seasoned. Either dill and basil or roasted garlic. What the crap is that? An indication that I need either a trip to Chinatown or a care package I suppose.

My hands are too cold to type and French keyboards are frustrating, so that's it for me. I made it. Whee hee. Griffin survived cargo. Whee hee. First day of work tomorrow. Oh God!!!!

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