Tuesday, January 04, 2005

12 Hours, 20 Minutes and Counting

Oh God Oh God Oh God....I am so not feeling ready for this. Yes, in the bigger-picture-smoking-hot-opportunity way I am very ready. It's the oh-crap-did-I-pack-tampons-and-do-they-serve-food-on-the-flight? details that are responsible for the mild panic. Mental note to add stop procrastinating to the resolutions list. I'll do that later.

It's a lovely day in Vancouver. The sort of blinding white snow on the mountaintops and pale blue sky that would make one question their sanity for abandoning Xanadu for a frozen city peppered with potential hazards, like external spiral staircases and, um, ice. I'm thinking I might have to start an Injury Tally 2005, being so prone as I am to accidents. But I digress. Griffin so knows something is up, he's been hiding behind the toilet ignoring me since I started packing this morning. I think I'm more stressed about him being stuck down in cargo than anything else. Poor little feller.

Right, so off to do the final errands, the picking up of luggage locks, film I dropped at London Drugs ages ago, some sort of lunch for the flight.

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