Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Leaving on a Jet Plane...

...not sure when I'll be back again.

This is my final post from Vancouver. Wow. I've had 2 months to plan, and yet I am still massively disorganized, trying to pack and decide what to do with the pile of mail for the dude I was subletting from, yet finding time to prostinate by blogging. Hmmmm....this may be a sleep free night.

Thanks to Carla, Michelle (x2), Hawt Scarley and Dave for the cd's. I *heart* mix cd's. You guys rule, and I'm sure just made my flight a lot more pleasurable. Especially considering I forgot to organize food. Scarlz, I'll do my damndest to find all the clues, give me time, brother, just give me time.

Salazar, by the time ( I mean if) you read this , you'll probably be settled in Ottawa, planning a hostile-yet-charming takeover of Parliment. Best of luck. Give the Bloc hell. See you early February. My potato pan will be ready.

Michelle. Damn girl. I wish you were coming with. Who the crap is going to just get it like you do. Zut alors, I'm feeling a Phil Collins coming on again. Damn you Postal Service, damn you! Next thing I'll be liking Lionel Richie covers. But I digress. Again. You are my base. I'll miss you big.

Kate, it's been a pleasure staying at Chez McIvor. Thanks for putting up with Griffin and I. I wish we'd spent the time earlier, but I'm really happy we got to have it. Take care of you. Then get out there and conquer.

My final words to those remaining in Vancouver. Screw Yellow Cab. Use McLure's 604 731 9211. They don't leave you and your kitty standing out in the cold. And if you sublet, leave a forwarding address.

Alright, off to have a frick frack pack attack.


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