Wednesday, January 12, 2005

I'm So Growds Up!

Today was such a cool work day! The boss and all the sales people were out of the office, so Ren (the other newbie) and I got to meet with a contractor about fabric sourcing and production. Not that I had any idea what we were talking about, but still, it was sort of cool. Until the end when he asked for a card, and of course neither of us had one, and didn't even know the office # when he asked for. Suddenly it felt like Take Your Kids To Work Day, but it was pretty funny. Oh, and Ren has dashed my hopes of actually getting some here, apparently all the guys are as gay as in Vancouver, and the French ones are " sort of hippies." Deuces! Looks like I might have to move to Red Deer to find me a man who enjoys boobs and ....ewwww, Griffin is taking a pooh, that is so gross!!!! He tries to act all dignified, or like he's invisible and I have no idea what's going on over there. I should be so lucky. But I digress.

Oh, a follow up from yesterday, just as a little smack down for trash talking the Metro yesterday, my card didn't work when I tried to enter the Metro system this morning. Normally this would not be a problem as there is usually an attandant, but of course Laurier would be the exception. I had to wait until a kind lady let me draft in after her, then go to the Berri-UQAM station after work to get a new card. The only station you can do that at. go figure.

All right, I know that there are at least 2 of you that read this bad boy on occassion, so let's make it interactive. The comments field is there for a reason! Just please don't feel the need to correct my crap typing and grammer, this French keyboard is besting me, and for some reason the spell check option is gone on the posting page. But let me know what's going on.


Anonymous said...

Um, ya, I'd love to comment, but this frick-fracking blogger will only let you comment if you have an account, or else you have to be all anonymous, as I'm doing here. silly.
Anyways, here is my comment. Does Ren have a brother named Stimpy?

bada bing!

Anonymous said...

Ahhh Mel est arrivée au Quebec. Les chauffeur de taxi du Montreal serais très heureux bientot!! Hehn hehn hehn hehn. - Jamecois Du Steen

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