Saturday, January 08, 2005

I *HEART* Celine Dion

OK, that's a load of crap. Can you even believe that my first trip to a Montreal grocery store she was being piped in, all perky and evil? Quelle stereotype. I could even hear those painfully high and strained notes over the increasingly loud Wilco I was listening to. I started to sweat and shake...looking desperately for the exit....then thankfully it ended. Back to the familiar All-Nettwerk-All-The-Time rotation the chain stores are so down with these days. I never thought I'd say it, but thank God for BNL.

Speaking of music, the Stars are not yet my bestest friends, but I'm not giving up. Torquil, Amy, Emily et all, you can run, but you can't hide!

Brrrr...I just ran to the bedroom to turn up the heat in preparation for bed time. It's sort of a doors closed and heat down unless I am in the room situation, I don't want to be the evil freeloader who drives the heating bills up. But damn, I could cut glass with the nips. Seriously people, it's that cold in here.

It's been a hella hectic few days, I had a full work day yesterday, which started with a 3 hour meeting with the designer and sales team during which I could think nothing other than, " Holy F! I am so F'in F'd when they figure out I have no F'n idea what the F I am doing!!! " Then I had a really good idea which they liked, so I think I may have bought myself a few more days of employment. I bought a Metro pass on the way home, so I have to last at least a month or that will be a huge waste of money.

Not to make my skating friends jealous, but the park ( pardon, parc) up the street has 2 outdoor rinks and a skating oval. The ice is surface of the moon bumpy though, so I'm feeling a little trepidation about venturing out. I'd go at night, but somehow I think girl alone +parc in the dark + plus no shoes to run from the bad men = bad idea. I'm sure it will be post worthy if I make it out, mostly because I'll likely be blogging from a hospital waiting room, waiting to join the plastered ranks of Lefty McDanger. Fleet footed, I am not.

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