Sunday, June 28, 2009

Mix Tape #4 - Lessons We Haven't Learned Yet

This mix has been ready to go for a while and should have been posted at the beginning of June, but, what can I say, I've been a busy girl.

It was born out of an On-The-Go playlist created on a Victoria Day road trip with a new, ahem, friend, but some songs were subbed in to replace tracks that have appeared in previous podcasts. It's peppier (read: less of a suicide soundtrack) that usual, but whatthefuck, it's summer. A girl can have fleeting moments of peppiness, without having to turn in her Cure card, can't she? There is a little Bob Dylan and Beth Orton to take it down a notch though. And speaking of Ms. Orton, yes, the title comes from Sweetest Decline. It's a song I go back to a lot, and that little lyric, (despite it's whiff of Oprah / Maya Angelou-ness), resonates a little too familiarly/often with me. I'd like to think that at 32 I'd have my head around the bad habits, behaviours and relationships that I should know better than to indulge in, but sometimes there is comfort in the familiarity of knowing how something is going to turn out, even if it is destined to not turn out well. It might not be good, but at least I know where it's heading.

Silly, I know, but while I'm pretty sure I'm heading into another of these future regrets, at least it's with a head shake, a grin, a self directed 'oh sweetie .... why are you getting yourself into this again? ' and a dose of curiosity about whether I know myself well enough to be right about the outcome.

1. June Evenings - Air France
2. Paper Planes - MIA
3. Before And Again - Akron/Family
4. Sweetest Decline - Beth Orton
5. Hysteric - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
6. Tunnelvision - Here We Go Magic
8. I Was A Landscape In Your Dream - Of Montreal
9. Kids - MGMT
10. The Wonder - Figurines
11. Modern Saints - The Von Bondies
12. Sex On Fire - Kings Of Leon
13. Marching Bands Of Manhattan - Death Cab for Cutie
14. Most Of The Time - Bob Dylan
15. There Is No Such Thing As Love - The Dears
16, Wish I Was Dead - Shout Out Louds
17. Bruises - Chairlift
18. All We Want, Baby, Is Everything - Handsome Furs

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1 comment:

Djeepy said...

I LOVE Beth Orton and one of my absolute all time fave songs is Sweetest Decline. Great podcast babe! Look forward to givin' it a listen at home!

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