Sunday, June 28, 2009

I Wanna Be A Sedaris

It is no secret that two of my greatest pleasures are reading David Sedaris and watching Amy Sedaris. Though listening to David Sedaris read David Sedaris beats trying to read David Sedaris in David Sedaris' voice to myself. It's hard to replicate in my own head, and damn, if his voice isn't the wire edged ribbon adorning a gift wrapped box filled with kitten.

Amy though, Amy ... two words. Girl. Crush. I actually came to Strangers With Candy late, introduced to Amy and her fat suit through one of David's stories, and it's been a mental lesbo love affair ever since. She is a girly girl with a penchant for shoes and vintage dresses, has an impressively filthy mind and shares my passion for all things domestic. She is also BFFs with Todd Oldham, which pretty much makes me want to go all Single White Female on her. I bet her fake boyfriend Ricky was a looker too, though he's A) fake and B) supposedly been murdered, so it's a selling point I can't prove.

Anywhooo... this is probably my favorite Amy Sedaris moment ever. They should show this to high school girls. Because vaginal cleansing is very important. And sometimes we all need a good demo one how one tugs back the hood.

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