Friday, April 10, 2009

The Internet Giveth

I've already established that the internet taketh away. Well, apparently the internet felt baddeth, because now it giveth.

Hey, let's relive one of my less proud moments! (Internal groan)

So, yesterday I was perusing Snap Victoria looking for photos from the Shelter opening. (No photos of me, thank gawd, I'd rather be snapping them than in them. Because, well, I sort of look like this in photos.)
(Hey, it's the first image that came up when I googled worst face ever.)

Anywhoo... I noticed they had a listing for the last Urbanite event I was at. And I say godamn, the second photo down ... that's right ..... the subject of my inebriated Craigslist posting!

I had to confirm this with my wing-woman. There were, after all, several shaved-headed lookers there, but the shirt was ringing a big, loud bell.

Now, I realize that this is leaning a little (lot?) towards the side of inappropriate and creepy, but, hells, what am I if not exceptionally inappropriate with just a dash of creepy?

So, dear two readers, if either of you know who this fine young gentleman is (and don't say Matthew, I read that all by myself on the Snap page), please let me know. And if it happens to get back to the supposedly-named Matthew ... hey you! Thanks for the beer line chivalry. Sorry if this freaks you out. You seemed like a cool guy and I wanted to talk to you but I get freakishly shy and felt an 'I carried a watermelon' moment coming on. Although, in retrospect, that probably would have been a lot less embarrassing than this.

PS... I really like your shirt.

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