Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Winter Skin

OK, I know this makes me a total pansy, and, having done time in Kingston and Montreal I should be tougher than this, but oh. my. god ... my skin is freaking out with this cold, dry air. How did the Ingalls ladies maintain their healthy, warm glow with all the manual labour and walking miles into town for an education in the blustery snow wearing thin lace-up boots and tights, and with only a wood stove to keep them warm at night? I'm starting to empathize! Yes, I know it's barely -1, and everyone east of Hope has it so much harder, but whatever, when you live in Xanadu you soften up.

The problem isn't my face. It's holding up rather well. I've had my seasonal blemish, and am so over it. It's everything else. Mostly my legs. I swear, the other day they were so dry and itchy I wouldn't have been surprised to see -looks around, and whispers - flaking. Ewww! They're so dry it hurts to shave. But I am an optimist, and don't believe in neglecting maintenance just because it's not summer, so maintain I will! My arms and back are also feeling the cold, and I'm sure sleeping in a 16 degree bedroom isn't helping.

I'm not a huge fan of heavy moisturizers and tend towards body oils. I've been using this Alba Kuki Nut Organic Body Oil for a while now.

It has a light but nutty, summery scent that makes me want to have someone snuggle in close, so I try to not hold it responsible for the fact that it also makes me think of Jessica Alba's sourpuss face every time I use it. It's not the product's fault any more than it's my fault that my surname was used in a KY ad. I mean really ... KY is for amateurs. But I digress. Back to the Alba oil, sadly though I'm not sure it's going to get me through the winter. It might be relegated to spring/summer status.

So, if anyone out there wants to toss the name of their favorite light-by-effective moisturizing product my way my verging on flaky legs and I would surely thank you.

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Angie said...

After a few winters in Calgary and Prince George, and learning that an ass can, in fact, actually chap, I have to say that for truly dry winter air, you have to go with a cream. I know you won't like it, but there's the truth. At least the Victoria cold air will be gone soon. Right?

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