Monday, September 21, 2009


This is going to be sort of a quickie because I've been doing work for this little project pretty much since I got home from work, but I want to get something up because I think it's sort of silly that I haven't posted about this yet.

I am, in collaboration with Quinton Gordon and Diana Millar at Luz Gallery (the brand spankin' new contemporary photography gallery at 977A Fort Steet), coordinating the local effort for the global Help-Portrait project. There are, as of today 179 groups registered globally ... plus a load that haven't made the transition from Facebook to the official community page.

This project, started Jeremy Cowart, is a movement among photographers doing portraits of people that aren't able to afford traditional avenues of portraiture. This could be single mothers, orphans, the lonely, the sick, your neighbor, the homeless. It is photography for the sake of giving pictures, not taking them.

I won't do Jeremy's vision justice, so please watch this introductory video.

There has been strong interest in Victoria among photographers, but we need a small army. Not just photographers but creative, compassionate people of all types, willing to give their time to give something back. So, if you are interested in participating, or know someone who might be (makeup artists, hairstylists, children's entertainers, drivers, caterers, people who can provide locations/studio space ...) please let me know.

Also, and very importantly, if you can think of any individuals or organizations that might be interested in receiving portraits I'm looking to form a list of potential partners / participants.

I can be contacted at . We also have a group page on the Help-Portrait Community Page (that would be a link).

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