Wednesday, March 02, 2005

On Monday It's Melissa...

First, I have to say a big Whoop, there it is!!!!! to the Academy in recognition of their finally retreiving their heads from their asses. Way to vote, muthafucka's! Almost everything I wanted. Whee hee. Remember that part where I said the Avaitor would probably win all the technical awards as a consolation in case it didn't win the bigun's? I am so good. Sadly, if I stay in the purgatory known as Victoria, that may just have been my last informed Oscar season, as it takes forfreakinever for anything good to come out here. Sniff sniff. Sigh.

It is so weird to be back. I keep running in to peripheral people from my former life here. Twice I've seen Mean Eric - I was his rebound after his hot girlfriend left him for a hot girlfriend - who obviously I pretended to not recognize. He's all bleached blond and hair stylist looking, I'm guessing he finally got his gay card stamped. We were all pretty sure he and our friend Don were going to get together, I am so wondering. Jeeesus, that would have been hot. But I digress.

I used to work at Murchie's with Don, which despite being a craphole to work in was a lot of fun. I lived with a co-worker, and one lived in the apartment below us, we were a supertight group. Obviously all the cool people have moved on, but the lifers are still there. Staff and customer. So weird. There were always these 2 freaky ladies that sat in the front window, Christy dubbed them Headband (because she always wore one) and Yoda (because, duh, she looks like Yoda). Sure enough, Yoda was sitting in the exact same seat when I went by yesterday. It totally skeeved me out. If she's kept up the routine of tea and a scone every day for the past 5 years, and it was EVERY DAY, then shes spent $6300 just on tea and scones since I left Victoria. That's like, several vacations. Which seems sort of sad, especially when I think of how much I've spent on coffee in the same time. Probably a few trips to Coachella. That is too sad for words.

On an happier note, I am temping for the next few weeks, and got a call from Maximus (the company that is taking over BC Health Care, don't kill me!), so I should possibly, maybe, hopefully be able to afford to get my ass to Vancouver soon. You don't understand, I am dying for some decent music here! The most promisimg poster I've seen so far was for The Original 2 Live Crew featuring the Booty Dancers. C'mon, ya'll know the song:

"On Monday it's Melissa, I like to get with her, I take all her money, and then I diss her!"

Story of my freakin' life, or at least it would be if I ever had any money.

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