Wednesday, February 09, 2005

What's Been Going On

I was asked recently if I was getting anywhere with the LavaLife thing, and realized I haven't said anything about it for a while. In a nutshell, not so much. Though I did get a 'smile' recently from a scruffy guy with a bit of a Thom Yorke lazy eye thing. I think he might be like Stalkster though, too good on paper to be good for real. For shits n' giggles I created a really raunchy Intimate Encounters profile just to see what the response would be. Lets just say overwhelming. Could be because I professed a love of the back door, wink wink, nudge, nudge. Anyways, you would not believe the number of 45 -55 year old men looking for a little young loving. One word: EWWW GROSS!! Anyways, I think I have exhausted the amusement appeal of LavalIfe and will have to find a new hobby. Like, oh say, talking to real live people.

I was feeling a little funky yesterday, and as Salazar knows, nothing perks a girl up like blowing a wad at MAC. I could not, however, justify blowing a wad on makeup, so I went with perk up #2, a haircut. Which I needed any ways, so I could justify it easily. I went to Coupe Bizarre on St. Laurent, which being the lazy arse I am I picked because it was mentioned in a Gazette article on Pony Up!, 2 members of which work there. The place was pretty cool, but i couldl not get a handle on my stylist. She was nice and very indie rock cute, but so quiet and sooooooo slow with the cutting. Sort of an anti Priscilla. She cut it dry and used these weird nose hair looking scissors for the whole thing. It looks good though, she almost nailed the picture I brought of Catherine Moenning, so I am now the proud owner of a sort of pixie-reverse-mullet thing. Love it! I would have pictures, but I am camera free and camera shy.

Oh, if any of you are getting in on an office Oscar poll, keep an eye on the blog. I've seen almost all the films nominated in major catagories so I'll be posting a both my picks and who I think will actually win. Yes, there is a difference. Unlike the Academy I pick based on performance, not how much weight an actor gained, or if they've won before, or if they are British or playing a hooker. Stoopid Academy. I still have to see Vera Drake and Being Julia, but I've seen all the other films that are nominated for acting, directing and best film. Except the animated films. They annoy me. If I could just split the awards between Hotel Rwanda and Million Dollar Baby that would be fine with me, seriously, soooo good. February 27th, mark it on your calanders people!

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Anonymous said...

Academy Awards = Major Snoozefest, but I will watch it if you will hang out with me @ Montreal airport on March 12th (or is 4 hours enough time to go to town and back?) – Jamecois

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