Monday, September 06, 2010

All Your Friends Seem Like Enemies When You're Broken Down and Empty

Last long weekend of the summer and it's raining balls. Seriously starting to feel like fall. I've only ventured out to take out the trash, spent most of the day doing the domestic putter, wrapped in the vestiges of yesterday's dourness. Trying to cobble together a mix for birthday invites, but I keep getting sucked in to City and Colour. I really resisted City and Colour because, honestly, Alexisonfire ... always thought they were sort of douchy. And made me want to buy stock in throat lozenges. I have to give Dallas Green credit though. He's won this girl over.

This song is perfect today.

City and Colour - Waiting

* Are those rapist glasses?

1 comment:

Melody Wey said...

Glad to hear you'll be blogging more. I'll miss you witticisms on FB but hey, I'll catch them elsewhere.

PS. I secretly adore City and Colour - Sleeping sickness.

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