Monday, July 06, 2009

You Said You Only Wanted Friends For Long Enough to Get Rid of Them

You know how sometimes a song that's been on your playlist for ages can suddenly seem new? Like something in your life tweaks how you hear it and it suddenly seems fresh and relevant? I'm having that big time right now with one of my favorite songs by one of my absolute favorite songwriters.

Jason Molina and I go way back. Well, for me we do. For him .... most certainly not. But whatever. His lyrics are often little portals into relationship failings, wishes and regrets. They aren't flashy, but are brutally honest, and I think that's what makes them so relatable.

And holy mothergod, if he isn't just damned fantastic live. Which is why I have a Seattle weekend planned around his summer tour. But I digress.

Anywhoo, Dark Don’t Hide It from Magnolia Electric Co's. What Comes After the Blues is that song right now. I've been listening to it for years and that album is pretty big for me (it ushered in the sea change of a friendship and was bought at a show that was my first hangout ever with a guy I've been crushing on since ... and it came out in 2005). So, I've been listening to this song for years, but, despite frequent singalongs I don't think I've ever really heard the lyrics. And then this weekend, while lying in bed up on Cortes making a playlist for the bus ride home I caught this little gem ...

You said you only wanted friends
For long enough to get rid of them
You found the kind you knew would only kill you
So you surrounded yourself with them

... and it was like being punched in the gut with a truth bomb.

Now, don't be getting all concerned, it's not a chronic or all-friend encompassing thing (A-duh! I have the most amazing, beautiful, supportive friends!). It just sort of tidily summed up a a little looking to make some mistakes phase I'm going through. And, specifically, someone I've wasted a little too much time breaking that phase in with.

But whatever, this isn't really about me, that's not the point. The point is that the man drives it home. Every. Single. Time.

Need a little more?

Now the world was empty on the day when they made it
But heaven needed someplace to throw all the shit
Human hearts and pain should never be separate
They wouldn’t tear themselves apart both trying to fit


Now death is gonna hold us up in the mirror
And say we’re so much alike we must be brothers
See I had a job to do but people like you
Been doing it for me to one another

I mean, honestly. Hey mankind, you just got schooled by Death.


Anywhoo, you can discover all the Molina you want at (which covers Songs:Ohia, Magnolia Electric Co. and solo projects), and on myspace. Dark Don't Hide It is on there, though I also suggest you check out the following video for a beautifully spare solo version. The sound and video aren't synced, so I'd listen not look.

And keeping with the stripped down solo thing, this version of Just Be

Simple, pretty much my favorite Jason Molina song ever,gives me little

chill. Not as much of a chill as the album version but still, a chill.

With slice to the bone honesty like this ...

Eveything you ever hated me for .... honey there was so much more,
I just didn't get busted. could it not?

x0 ~ m

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