Monday, March 30, 2009

Weekly Fail

I have accomplished nothing on my weekly to-do list. This whole accountability thing is for far more accountable people than I. The mail is still in a pile, taxes unprocessed, smoke detector sitting on the printer, curtain rod leaning against the fireplace ... and it goes on. I did get the wall partially patched, but it needs another fill, a sand and paint before I reinstall. Le sigh.


michelle said...

DO YOUR TAXES! M-stylez wants to know if the nail has been put into the Sasquatch coffin or not! (fingers crossed for the "or not")

Melissa said...

Gosh. OK. I did my dang taxes. Ahhhh.....idiot.

I am wrangling Sassquanch thoughts. I am so out of vacay time (2 sick days this week not helping matters). But. So. Many. Great. Bands.


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